Howzit! I'm Loren

Howzit, I'm Loren and welcome to my little shop! I love little treasures and trinkets especially when they have my name on them! - which is not often, if ever, - thanks Mom and Dad! So why not open an online shop where everyone's name can be engraved, cut or etched on their own personal keepsake? So here we are now! (now)
I grew up in South Africa wanting to travel the world.  I ended up on cruise ships as part of the Cruise Director's staff (fancy way of saying the party, line dance, trivia hosting, bingo calling, stilt-walking parade performer, karaoke hostess, pre-show entertainer, big breath! staff member) I also ended up falling in love (can I get the Love Boat tv theme?) with a musician (not a guest! That is a big, huge no no), yes he is a tromboner (hey oh!) and also an Australian. After 6 weeks of sitting on cold floors outside crew cabins chatting the nights away so not to wake our roommates (believe me, cruise ships are not fancy beyond the "Staff only" doors), endless hours on the back deck and long afternoons in port discovering the Mediterranean; we had to part ways... until I found a love letter he sent me via my roommate (love you Laura) and so our 5 year long distance relationship started. We were ships crossing in the night, literally our ships sailed past each other in the night. We visited each other on vacations to Greece and Italy and travelled as much as we could in between contracts.
One day we decided, hey... let's go live in Australia where we can have windows and a couch and bank accounts!
So we here are 8 years later, currently living in Melbourne via Canberra and Townsville and now (now) I get to enjoy life on land with the very talented Tromboner and a little mini me who asks a lot (seriously- its a  tremendous amount) of why questions and I get to design and make products everyday. 
Take a look around and I hope to meet you one day and you can tell me your beautiful story!