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Personalised Flower Affirmation Mirror

Personalised Flower Affirmation Mirror

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Say hi to the most beautiful person in the room. You! This beautiful flower affirmation mirror will give you a daily dose of positive vibes and an uplifting mantra to help you conquer your day!

This beautiful hand drawn flower design is etched into the mirror acrylic and stars your powerful affirmation in your own beautiful handwriting.  Choose from three sizes, it's perfect for the wall or displayed on your desk or beside table and presented in a gorgeous embroidered linen case.

Once your order is placed, an email from will come your way with the steps needed to have your awesome affirmation in your own handwriting  engraved on your mirror.

This affirmation mirror part of an artisanal collection brought to you by Heart 2 Heart. A collaboration with Embroidery Extraordinaire artist Swaggy Threads Star and Now Now Foundry. This inspiring product is the perfect gift to show your love, tell them they matter and that they are irreplaceable. 

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